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Shinobi is Open Source, written in Node.js, and real easy to use. It is the future of CCTV and NVR for developers and end-users alike. It is catered to by professionals and most importantly by the one who created it.

Key Aspects

Shinobi can be used as a Baby Monitor, Construction Site Montage Viewer, Store Camera DVR, and much more.

MP4 and WebM

Record to MP4 or WebM with libx264, libvpx, copy and more!

Multiple Outputs

Currently supporting HLS (.m3u8), MJPEG, and Base64 frames over Websocket.


Free Open Source Software. The software source code is available for editing.


Shinobi is free for personal and educational purposes.
All support packages already include a Business License.



Personal and Educational use does not require any license.

  • Cannot sell Shinobi usage.



Shinobi is free for all schools and educational purposes.

  • Cannot sell Shinobi usage.

Business License


Businesses that use Shinobi for their locations.

  • This is optional for businesses with gross income less than $10000 CAD/month.
  • License active upon successful payment. Receipt will be emailed.
  • Cannot sell Shinobi usage.

Seller License


Allows creation of accounts for commercial purposes.

  • Required only if you choose to bill your users for the use of Shinobi.
  • Also covers creation of multiple installations.
  • License active upon successful payment. Receipt will be emailed.
Support Packages

Supported by an Active Community

Shinobi is used all around the globe and developed on by hundreds of developers. Some of us like to get together and talk about how Shinobi can be made better.

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Need Professional Support?

Shinobi is made to last and is maintained with care. If you need to get a big operation running, personell briefed, or a place to take your woes. Here it is.

Support from Professionals

Why Make This?
Other Solutions Already Exist.

The creator of Shinobi wanted to make a cloud video recording solution. One that anyone could easily use. Simply login to your account, add camera details, set options, and away you go. Viewing streams and recordings on your mobile device by simply opening a web page. No installations. This means you could view it on any device with a capable browser.

Why Shinobi